Bronze thymiaterion from Vulci. London, British Museum.

12-13.09.2019. “Gendered Adornment in Archaic and Classical Etruria”. Conference at International Workshop on Adornment as Expression of Everyday Identity in Ancient and Medieval Life.

Venue: Istituto di Norvegia in Roma, Università di Oslo, Italy.

Etruscan jewellery has always been interpreted as luxury good or aristocratic item. A new study of Etruscan dress and jewels from visual imagery of ritual practices and performances contributes to understand differently how adornment was used to express various aspects of identity in Etruria. The conference focuses on tomb paintings from Tarquinia and funerary reliefs from Chiusi. It aims at defining the types of adornment, the expression of a gendered identity and the possible gendered adornment’s political and religious role in the community organisation.