20.11.2019. “Sensory Rituals: Textiles and Adornment in Ancient Dance”. Classics and Ancient History Research Seminars.

Venue: School of History, Classics and Archaeology, Newcastle University, UK.

This conference focuses on textiles motion, acoustics and visuality through Etruscan iconography and more specifically through representations of dance. Focusing on hearing, sound, body movement, and visuality invite to think about the question of the senses in Antiquity and to look at sensory anthropology, otherwise known as anthropology of the senses. For twenty years, the study of the senses is experiencing a major development in human sciences and is part of a new research dynamic called “sensory anthropology”. In this context, dance is considered as a poly-sensory experience, and it was possibly part of the funerary ritual in Etruria. It created a sensory environment around the dead, and around the tomb, and stimulated the sensory perceptions of the participants.