Dr. Audrey Gouy

07.11.2019. “Iconic Textiles. The Visual Representation of Etruscan Dresses (8th-5th BCE)”. Centre for Textile Research Seminars

Venue: Centre for Textile Research, Saxo Institute, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Iconography is not a new source in clothing research. As archaeological remains are very few, it is the only reliable source we have. Thus, knowledge of Etruscan clothing is primarily derived from many visual sources. Etruscan clothing depicted on figurines, statues, vases and tomb paintings has been extensively studied by Larissa Bonfante in her book Etruscan Dress, published in 1975, and reedited in 2003, as well as in her numerous articles. Her work has been completed by Margarita Gleba’s which focuses on textile production. This conference aims at presenting the Etruscan visual sources and the different form of costumes and textiles found in iconography.