Dr. Audrey Gouy

23.10.2019. “Textiles in Etruscan Dance: A New Research Project”. Centre for Textile Research Cenferences

Venue: Centre for Textile Research Conference. Saxo Institute, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

The conference aims at presenting the new Marie Skłodowska-Curie research project entitled TEXDANCE. Textiles in Etruscan Dance (8th-5th cent. BC) conducted at the Centre for Textiles Research, University of Copenhagen. This project builds on the results that have emerged from investigations undertaken during my PhD, completed in December 2017, on visual evidences of Etruscan dance and body movements. The study of Etruscan dress in representations of dance gives complementary information, and permits to better understand the king of dance and the kind of movement represented in pictures, and eventually to draw phases of movement.